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Help us make an outsized impact on climate change

When you say "climate action", most people don't think of  Idaho.  And yet, the vast majority of Idahoans understand that climate change is real and that climate action is necessary.


Our little chapter has two objectives: 1)  to educate our neighbors about the imminent threat that climate change poses to our pristine landscape, and 2) to explain how climate action can not only mitigate the worst effects of climate change, but also have a positive impact on our local economy.

In pursuit of these objectives, we're committed to working closely with unlikely partners such as the Idaho Forest Group and the local Chamber of Commerce.

We need your help to amplify our message!  Brochures need to be printed, advertisements paid for, and event venues rented.  

Please donate what you can to support our group, so that our small slice of Idaho can have an outsized influence on this important issue.


* Sorry, but donations to our local chapter are not tax-deductible (it's too difficult for small chapters to get this status). If you require the tax deduction, please donate to our parent organization, Citizens' Climate Lobby.

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